Available to download are all of my Senshido instructional materials from 1996 to 2006 including DVDs, books and manuals, as well as brand new products and instructional materials released in 2014 with more coming.

The info contained here have literally saved many lives and prevented countless potential violent crimes and sexual assaults worldwide. Each cover a specific topic, please choose which suit your needs best.

Get R.E.A.L. Seminar (3 Videos)



Get R.E.A.L. (Realistic Experience Applicable to Life) – All new materials based on our famous Get R.E.A.L. and Cognitive Defense Tactics seminars. These videos go over in depth the pre contact stages of a fight, behavioural psychology and scenario replications. Including: The importance of role playing, 3 dimentional training, 11 steps in surviving a violent confrontation, profiling, concealed weapons awareness, the Shredder and much more. NOTE: During scenario replications, participants each drank a 3 quarter glass of Vodka straight to impair judgement, OC Spray was sprayed in the air several times during the scenarios and a portion of the scenarios were shot while lights were closed and under a strobe (camera is equipped with night vision so it came out well)


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