Available to download are all of my Senshido instructional materials from 1996 to 2006 including DVDs, books and manuals, as well as brand new products and instructional materials released in 2014 with more coming.

The info contained here have literally saved many lives and prevented countless potential violent crimes and sexual assaults worldwide. Each cover a specific topic, please choose which suit your needs best.

On the Cutting Edge V1



The most common weapon used on the street is the knife and other forms of edged weapons such as a razor blade, screwdriver and/or broken beer bottle. This tape shows you dozens of drills to improve your close quarter arsenal against an armed attacker. Including: Natural stances, slasher and stabber, static knife attacks from behind, controlling the weapon hand, increasing perception time, decreasing reaction time, gross motor skills, adrenal stress condition, overkill mentality, as well as performance enhancement and survival strategies successfully used by Law Enforcement Officers the world over.

Approx. 120 minutes


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