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Rich Dimitri’s Self Defense Tips n’ Rants Volume 1

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Raw, unapologetic and straight to the point, Rich shares his experiences, training and research with those interested in this new series of video downloads with the first volume covering over 40 minutes of materials to make you rethink your self-defense training and teaching paradigm. Topics include: Preemptive striking off various natural stances during verbal defusing, the ‘Italian Hands’ concept, differentiating a good guy having a bad day from a ‘bad guy’, the ripple effect and more.

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7 reviews for Rich Dimitri’s Self Defense Tips n’ Rants Volume 1

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jack (verified owner)

    It’s almost midnight and let me tell you that for someone who gets up early and doesn’t drink caffeine, staying up this late is an achievement, so obviously the video Volume 1 of Richard Dimitri’s “Self Defence Tips N’ Rants” was good enough to drag me away from my fluffy cloud heaven known as bed. As I self-defence instructor myself I like to use what I believe are the most effective methods, so over the past few years I’ve purchased as much information featuring Richard Dimitri as I can; from all the Senshido instructional tapes, YouTube clips, eBooks, online interviews, etc, so I was waiting in gleam anticipation for another official release from the man who made me look at martial arts films and wonder “why aren’t they moving their arm after getting hit in the face three times in a row?”. If I had to compare Self Defence Tips N’ Rants: Volume 1 to the instruction tapes of Senshido, it’s like a re-release of a band’s album with bonus tracks; lots of things have been finetuned, other things have been revamped and new information is available. Like a reboot, the same concepts are there yet presented in a different manner with additional material. It’s not a high production value instructional tape like the one’s Krav Maga companies pump out but if you need fancy productions to help you learn self-defence then you probably also need a bag of fairy dust to sprinkle over your opponent. Richard Dimitri continues to provide us with shit we didn’t think he knew. Some of the information featured in this video you may have already learnt in previous tapes from the Senshido era but remember; even if there is just one bit of new information you can learn from this, that piece of information may be the thing that saves your life tomorrow. The video goes over a lot of psychological concepts such as new ways to stand / posture / manoeuvre your body and hands while in a confrontation with an aggressor as appose to just keeping your hands stiff in the “passive stance” like a mannequin. It also covers certain state of minds either you or your opponent might be going through in the present moment that will hopefully allow you to adjust your strategies should a situation arise. There’s even a moment where Richard shares with us a time where he was having a bad day and reacted negatively in the situation but learnt from it. Good to see an instructor who admits to their faults and remains modest. [For the full story watch the video.] All in all, great video, useful and helpful information, and I hope that if everyone who watches it actually applies what was taught that there will be better human beings in the world afterwards. Can’t wait for volume 2.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Daz Norton (verified owner)

    I made myself a nice drink and got comfy ready for a nice evening with my latest purchase from Richard Dimitri,the title is called Richard Dimitri’s Self Defense tips and rants. I have spent many hours studying Rich’s material over and over again and I was sure he couldn’t give me anything better than I had already witnessed in his previous clips. Little did I know I was about to be pleasantly surprised.
    Richard Dimitri’s Self Defense tips and rants from start to end had me hooked and held my attention throughout. The presentation he gave was outstanding and gave me even more insight than I had already previously had in his past material. Rich has a unique way of teaching which draws you in immediately; he demonstrates total confidence in his field and gives you real life experiences to back it up. He has a knack of understanding people’s motivations and what I like most of all is that he’s a normal everyday person and not someone who’s mission in life is to impress others. He always speaks and teaches from the heart. . It’s a must have for anyone serious about Self Protection.

  3. Rated 1 out of 5

    Yeyati (verified owner)

    No goats ergo 1 star .. Pysche .. I gave it one star because this video will get a lot of 4&5 star rating. And with good reason ! It deserves them.

    But people are naturally more likely to pick up on anything that stands out, and I’m an attention whore dammit.

    Reviewing the video:

    1. If you’re looking ultimate street fighting techniques,one strike knock outs or the latest Ninja-SEAL training method, this video isn’t it.

    There are far better options, just scroll the downloads section here or wherever you think you’ll find that type of material.

    2. If you’re looking for a better way of handling conflicts, preserving life and generally looking for a better way to deal with the madness of interpersonal conflict. This video is an excellent place to start.

    To appreciate this even more get a copy of Total Defense of the Self, available here in ebook format. No, I wasn’t paid to write this but the video will make more sense once you read the book or if you’re familiar with Richard’s work or have some exposure to Senshido training.

    If you’re here because you think that somehow life could be a little more bearable or even pleasant for all of us especially at some of the lowest points of our interactions with each other then the material in this video is a great way to achieve that ideal.

    Richard strives to make his experience easily accessible to everyone and is one of the few people who can say with absolute sincerity “there are far better ways the mine out there”, actually find them and then bring them to us.

    His work puts the “Self” back into Self-Protection.

    and yes, I’d hit it too.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rick McGhee (verified owner)

    Rich, I just finished watching your latest DVD, “Tips n’ Rants Volume 1”. In this video, you were able to convey many lessons that very few are able to explain, and you do so with simplicity and practicality. I am constantly trying to develop a better understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects of true violence, and I have been giving this whole “stance” thing a lot of thought lately. I strongly recommend this DVD to all students and instructors, regardless of their background or statue. The only way to obtain true knowledge is through reflection. Rich, my friend, you have helped me cultivate a metacognition of self-knowledge through your guided experiences, thus allowing me the opportunity to reflect on your lessons and relate them to my own personal experiences. This latest contribution, continues to edify me, and your role, as a leader in the self-defense community, is much appreciated and valued.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brandon&Kylie (verified owner)

    Kylie&Brandon. I must say I was hooked from start to end and would give 10 stars if there was an option and recommend this video to EVERYONE !! I have not seen any info or work from Rich in over a decade since senshido, not really knowing what to expect… I was absolutley stoked and realy enjoyed the entire video, and laughed my ass off more then a few times :). 2015 Rich is wise, has a way of connecting, no fluff,mature and KNOWS what he is talking about!!!! People may look at Rich and think his prime was in senshido but I personaly think his prime is yet to come and perhaps present and in my opinion is the best self defense instructer EVER! So after this review im just wandering when volume 2 is coming out?!?! 🙂

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Damian (verified owner)

    Wow!!! That would have to be the best martial arts / self defence rant I have ever heard. There were so many spot on non violent points. From the butterfly effect to the good guy bad day aspects; really makes you think about how we should train. Rich presents in a serious but charismatic manner that draws you in and keeps you there for the whole 45 minute rant.

    I know from a situational awareness & training perspective, we are consistently preparing ourselves for that one combative / aggressive attack, therefore we are also training our muscle memory and subconscious to react in a combative / aggressive manner – regardless of chain of events prior.

    Rich has brought so many “commonsense” facets to the frontal lobe (that should have been there anyway). I have watched this video 3 times in 2 days, and still watch it and think about previous experiences thinking “shit yeah”. I think I may have found my new favourite ranter. Keep up the awesome work mate. Look forward to seeing many new rants in the future.

    Damian, Sydney Australia

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ben Brownlee (verified owner)

    A highly effective tutorial, detailing not only strategies to employ should you be attacked, but also a giving a great insight into the pre-cursors of violence, and how to spot and react to them. I would highly recommend this DVD to both Senshido newcomers in addition to those who are more experienced.
    It is a great building block from the original series, and compulsive viewing for all Richard Dimitri fans.

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