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Rich Dimitri’s Self Defense Tips n’ Rants Volume 2

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Richard is back with Volume 2 of his self defense tips and rants, live from Penrith, Sydney, Australia at the Safe House for Safe International Sydney with Safe team member Jeff Phillips and owner Chris Roberts. Volume 2 covers ‘Tactile Sensitivity’, the ability to interpret your opponent’s energy through the sense of touch (one of the 5 principles of physical retaliation) in great detail including ‘sticky hands’ principles, natural stances, tool and target development and knife defense.

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4 reviews for Rich Dimitri’s Self Defense Tips n’ Rants Volume 2

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Daz (verified owner)

    Daz Norton

    Rich Dimitri’s Self Defence Tips & Rants Volume 2 is a must have for anyone who practices or teaches Self Defence. Once again Rich has produced a first class instructional DVD covering the mirror drill which explains in great detail the concept of Tactile Sensitivity. It’s an outstanding piece of work, in it’s organisation, elucidation and development and one that I intend to use to remind myself of the importance of a concentrated, logical yet intuitive approach to the subject of Tactile Sensitivity, and will review it time & time again in the future.

    I have been training in Self Protection almost twenty years and have spent a lot of money on seeking out the best in Self Defence educational and instructional DVD’s and absolutely nothing compares to this for clarity, presentation, format, and the amount of information that he imparts to the viewer. Richards’s instructional DVD’s in my opinion are the absolute best, most insightful, most informative that i have ever purchased.

    A big thank you for sharing your Concepts Brother.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lech (verified owner)

    For less than 15 euro (the price of a dinner) you will get 50 minutes of pure gold. Richard doesn’t teach techniques, he teaches principles and drills designed to implement them.

    I have been practicing martial arts for about 25 years (15 years of Krav maga, and 10 years of karate nad Kung-fu before that). During this time I found nobody better than Richard as far as self-protection is concerned. He’s been there, he’s done it, and he is willing to share his experience.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rick McGhee

    This is a great video! Tactile Sensitivity is a vital element that should be a part of everyone’s training program. Rich does a great job of demonstrating this using the mirror drill and components of it. If you have never purchased any of Rich’s stuff before or have been siting on the fence, trust me, invest a little money and learn from this man; you won’t be disappointed. Great job – looking forward to number 3!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Another great DVD! A thoroughly excellent tutorial which, as others have stated, delves into the concept of tactile sensitivity.

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