Conflict Management and Violence Prevention Certification

MAKE NO MISTAKE PLEASE: This course has nothing to do with Senshido or Safe International though both teach the same materials in accordance to their intended audiences under their respected brands.

This is a private certification course for professionals who are and can presently and actively incorporate the information and materials into a current running program, class, course, curriculum, seminar, lectures etc. of any kind. No athleticism, martial arts or self defense experience is necessary.

This is NOT for the currently unemployed or the certificate collector nor is it for those who want to learn how to fight or add a few cool new tricks to their systems or styles.  It is a course designed to show the participants how to apply and share/teach the information provided to the likes of those who have no experience, who perhaps have already been unfortunately victimized, to those deemed vulnerable, those who work in high risk occupations and the like.

This is the most comprehensive and detailed ‘self defense’ certification of its kind and is thus offered once per year, to strictly four participants; 2 males, 2 females and held on the south shore of Montreal at a location that will strictly be divulged to the participants who have been selected on the day before the course.


I will be accepting all applicants based on the above criteria for a 3-month period between every 1st of August to October 31st, to which only 4 will be selected for certification.

The course will take place 8 hours a day, over 4 days, from a Friday morning to a Monday evening 9am to 5pm.  32 total hours of learning.  Lunch, healthy snacks, coffee, tea, water (which are all included) will be provided and consumed during the 8-hour session. There will be no learning breaks.


This course has nothing to do with martial arts or combatives nor does it cover any technical applications of any kind, no gimmicks, helmets, clever acronyms and the like. This course goes way beyond the scope of pure and applied self defense.  Over 90% of the information provided is theoretical and interactive.  The physical skills covered are 100% in accordance with the adrenal stress condition phase and are rooted in instincts and autonomic responses and are minimally fine tuned to enhance any human being’s survivability while considering any individual’s personal limitations.

The information shared and taught is not stylistic, systematic or manufactured, it is factual and based in science, human anatomy, physiology and psychology in relation to conflict and violence literally transcending styles, systems, culture and race. The entire foundation is predicated on human behaviour, morality, ethics and the law making the information adaptable with minimal alteration for any field of endeavor.

The conflict is broken down and looked at from every individual’s perspective including the attacker, the defender, witnesses, family members, friends, acquaintances and the law.


The total and only cost (no renewal fees, no monthly or yearly fees) for the 4 days including lunch, snacks, water, tea and coffee for each day: $4000 Canadian. Travel and accommodations is on the participant. We will gladly assist in finding affordable accommodations that are close to the location. Receipts are given for tax purposes.

Deferred (monthly) payments are available.  Paypal or Email transfer payments only. No credit cards, no personal checks. Balance can be paid in Cash on the day of is fine.


Once selected for the course, you will be required to pay a 20% ($800 CDN) non-refundable down payment for your spot within 1 week of selection (or your spot goes to the next applicant on the list). The remaining balance is to be paid by the start day of the certification.  No balance? No course. No Exceptions. You will be refunded the rest of your balance (if any) minus the $800 non-refundable down payment reserved for your spot and sent on your way.

Refunds are strictly given for medical and family emergencies with proof of some kind, sorry, but I’ve dealt with enough fucking assholes in my life with Peace and Love! Peace and Love! that I don’t trust anyone so nothing personal.  Peace and Love!

You are required to record the information (with a signed agreement not to sell in anyway shape or form what is recorded or reproduce material wise in any kind of instructional manner such as videos or books etc.) this is for you to turn back to at anytime and revise.

If this is for you, shoot me an email by October 31st and I will send you a list of questions to answer and send back, based on your answers and our correspondence, you will either be selected after the 3-month period, or not.  Selection of Participants will be made by January 1st. DO NOT SEND ANY APPLICATIONS BETWEEN NOVEMBER 1ST AND JULY 31st please, they will be deleted with Peace and Love! Peace and Love!

Only those selected will be contacted, the rest won’t hear from me, so you can assume that by the expiry date selected and the names of those who have made the certification course listed here at the time of, you were not selected so please, no messages or emails asking me if you made the cut, I will be deleting them all with no response. Peace and Love! Peace and Love!

* “Peace and Love! Peace and Love!” is a Howard Stern reference only fans will get.

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Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.