I am internationally available for seminars, workshops, lectures and private training through reservations only and on a first come, first serve basis.  I do not offer any weekly group classes.

My workshops are internationally acclaimed amongst some of the very best and by clients, professionals and peers alike solidifying my reputation as being one of the top violence prevention and self defence experts in the world since 1999.

Taught in over 20 countries to hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life since 1994 with clients including but not limited to:

  • The British Special Forces
  • The Finland Presidential Security, SWAT team and Counter Terrorist Unit
  • The Mexico City Chapter of the Guardian Angels
  • First Nations
  • Montreal’s John Abbot Police Tech graduating class
  • The Association for Women’s Total Advancement & Development of Cairo, Egypt
  • The Association for the Development and Enhancement of Women of Cairo, Egypt
  • Health care centres, private and public high schools, corporations, men, women and children worldwide.

A short list of topics covered in our courses:

  • The Fundamentals of Personal Protection
  • Social and Anti-social violence counter measures
  • The Moral, Ethical and Legal implications of self defense
  • Differentiating Martial Arts and combative sports from pure and applied self-protection
  • Awareness, Prevention and De-escalation strategies
  • Demystifying ‘Stranger Danger’
  • Threat recognition and assessment
  • Bully prevention and defense
  • Human trafficking, abduction and kidnapping prevention
  • How to make one’s self a hard target
  • Predator/Prey psychology
  • Human behaviour in relation to violence
  • Rape & Sexual assault prevention and defense
  • Edged weapons defense
  • Gun defense
  • Ground defense
  • Home security
  • Corporate security
  • Multiple attackers
  • Common attacks
  • Common weapon attacks
  • Weapons of opportunity
  • and more….

All seminars, workshops, lessons and lectures are specifically designed and customised to the needs of our client(s) and all costs are dependent on the duration of course, location and number of participants.

For more information, or if interested in booking and reserving, please contact me at or call 514-712-2942.
  • No participant’s under the age of 13 are permitted to attend unless the workshop is specifically designed for a group of that age or under, otherwise, all participants under the age of 18 must either present a signed letter of consent by, or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to attend my workshops.

    The subject matter delves greatly into the topics of both urban and domestic violence including but not limited to rape, pedophilia, aggravated and sexual assaults, attempted murder, drug and alcohol abuse, break ins, muggings and random violence in general. Many of the stories and events shared are actual and real and are graphically depicted to illustrate a concept.

    Profanity is also used both on an instructional and passionate level and those offended should seriously refrain. It is not gratuitous in nature; it is in direct relation and in context to certain situations, scenarios and the like. Profanity is a monumental part of almost every cultural society on earth be they first or third world and even more so prevalent where violence is present. If profanity is an issue to you and/or your group, then self defense IS NOT FOR YOU unfortunately because muggers, rapists and serial killers aren’t usually eloquent, polite and Shakespearean in their vernacular, yeah?