SKYPE Consultations

“They say that 5 minutes with a genius is better than 20 years with a really smart person.

Richard Dimitri is a self defence pioneer, philosopher, and game changing expert in the same category as Bruce Lee and Grand-master Helio Gracie.

In an hour, you’ll receive 30 years of essential wisdom on not only how to effectively defend yourself in the worst moment of your life, but also on how to walk the path of becoming a better human being.

I was most surprised about how Richard can take the incredibly complex challenge of defending yourself in a life or death situation, and distil it down into simple principles, techniques, and drills that will give you the best shot at going home afterwards to hug the people you love most.

A 1 hour conversation with Richard could possibly be the best investment you’ll ever make in your life.

He receives my highest recommendation.”

A.J. Madden
Self Defense Instructor and Security Professional
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania


For those who live too far, don’t have the time or simply cannot physically present themselves for training but are still interested in picking what’s left of my brain, I am available for private consultations via SKYPE for specific topics including but not limited to:

  • Rape and sexual assault prevention
  • Social & Anti-social violence management
  • The psychological, emotional and behavioural relation to violence
  • Morals, Ethics and Legalities of self defence
  • Home, corporate, club & bar security
  • Threat & bully prevention
  • Confrontation, Stress and Fear management
  • Dealing with negatively powerful emotions such as hate, rage, fear, jealousy etc.
  • Defusing & deescalation strategies not only for potential violence, but also for use in close and interpersonal relationship disputes, disagreements, arguments and confrontations alike.
  • Shredder applications and 5 Principles of physical retaliation break down
  • Executive protection and body-guarding
  • Nutrition, general health and fitness
COST: For a 1 on 1, one hour session is $100 (Canadian funds) payable prior to the session via PayPal.